I feel fortunate to have inherited my creativity and passion for originality from my mother, who was attending the Art Institute of Chicago when I was born. Her influence was strong.

Creating images has been my passion since childhood. Most boys reply "fireman" or "policeman" when asked what they want to be when they grow up. I thought and saw things differently. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered: "I'm going to be an artist!" My passionate commitment never wavered. Filled with curiosity and wonder, I spent every spare minute drawing so that by the third grade I could already draw over 25 unique cartoon characters!

After graduating from Kendall College of Art and Design, I relocated from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Portland, Oregon, where I enjoyed a fulfilling 35-year career as an illustrator/graphic designer. After two successful surgeries for cancer, I decided to retire and pursue my dreams of creating fine art and photography.

My desire to infuse creativity into the mediums I work with (painting, drawing and photography) has not waned. With each unique piece I strive to demonstrate my passion and enthusiasm to evoke new emotions for art.


As an athlete and instructor in several sports, I learned to be competitive and goal oriented. These qualities have helped me win both national and international recognition. Both Kodak and Polaroid awarded me first place in international photography competitions. The 2012 International Conservation Photography Awards (ICP Awards) also chose my photograph for first place. Most recently my photographs were selected for the front cover of the 2014 and 2015 Black & White Magazine Single Image Awards issue. I have also been recognized as a featured artist in American Artist magazine.


I have an insatiable curiosity about art and design that keeps me on the move. An inveterate world traveler, I’m captivated and inspired by meeting people and sharing ideas far and wide. The busy urban streets of Paris, the romantic countryside of Tuscany, and the vast landscapes of Argentina envelope me. “No Trespassing” or “Do Not Enter” signs serve only to pique my curiosity, and occasionally land me in trouble. All I can think is that they must have something very wonderful behind there that they are trying to hide! I absorb the intrinsic beauty of the land, the people and their cultures. This is reflected with dignity and integrity in each new piece I create.


My home and studio, in Lake Oswego, are usually filled with multiple projects. My lovable, but spoiled lab, Tucker, bids for my attention throughout the day.